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the Subject

CamNation was a monolith of a project I did with a longtime friend and fellow artist of mine Cam (CamRony). We didn't end up following through with it due to focusing on other stuff. But its to this day one of my biggest, most complex, and coolest websites. I programmed it in ReactJS, and it uses headless e-commerce, so we were able to inject our shopify products into our own website. Reasons for this will become apparent when you see what type of website I was building.

The Work

This was when I first started becoming really fluent in web development and ReactJS, to the point where I was pushing web dev boundaries I hadn't seen many pursue before. It's an incredibly stylized and over the top approach- so that could be one reason. But it was just so cool to me I couldn't understand why I hadn't seen it done yet. So i designed every line of code on my own and built a website to resemble a Custom Linux Desktop environment. The Shopify store isn't up yet so the shop isn't functional, but ill put up a test link here that you can go play around in as a demo version of my last backup. And I'll Link Cams instagram - Here.

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