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the Subject

GoatYard is the culmination of about two years of shower thoughts, and it's my most recent endeavor. The basic idea, is providing value & quality packed digital assets for clothing brand owners. The first release will be a Premium Shopify Theme, allowing for unmatched customizability alongside drag and drop ease of use, and most importantly- the ability to DECREASE the time it takes to start up a high quality professional looking shop- allowing entrepreneurs like myself who make 3 shops a week focus more on the less tedious and time burning tasks of dropping a brand.

The Work

I wanted to keep the website simple. I like to build dropshipping stores and love the 'one product' shop model, so I currently have it designed similarly to one of those. But as time goes on, I envision it being much more hearty with a wide variety of products & packs for sale, all contained within the same niche. Link to GoatYard - here. The site is built using webflow.

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