Secure Scope

Stay Protected Everywhere You Go


the Subject

SecureScope is my favorite dropshipping business I've created thus far. The markup is good, the website is clean and really optimized for conversions. Shopify and the apps it took to run got expensive to keep running for just portfolio purposes so i have it offline now. But I plan to open it back up in the future or sell it. If you're interested in purchasing the whole thing send me an email.

The Work

Focusing more on the website than the product, this website is masterfully crafted to maximize conversions. I spent days meticulously choosing each individual aspect purposefully and carefully. I ordered one and took some professional product images. I also ran about $300 in test ads to get some traffic and optimize it further. I love this project and I love the dropshipping model. I absolutely plan on building more as time goes on. The site is built on Shopify's platform.

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